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If you have venous insufficiency, non-surgical treatments can help you avoid lengthy recovery times and permanent scarring. At Vascular Specialists in Tinley Park, Illinois and Munster, Indiana, the team uses non-surgical treatments like VenaSeal® glue and venous ablation to close problematic veins without using incisions. To learn more about your non-surgical treatment options, call Vascular Specialists or book an appointment online today.

Non-Surgical Vein Treatments Q & A

What are non-surgical vein treatments?

Non-surgical vein treatments are non-invasive procedures for complications involving your vascular system. They involve no incisions or stitches. By avoiding surgery, you can avoid many of the potential side effects, complications, and inconveniences of surgical procedures. A few benefits of non-surgical vein treatments include:

  • Shorter recovery periods
  • No hospital stay
  • Less risk of scarring
  • No need for general anesthesia

Non-surgical vein treatments are available in the office at Vascular Specialists, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of booking another appointment elsewhere. The familiar team at Vascular Specialists performs the treatments for you.

What are my options for non-surgical vein treatments?

The team at Vascular Specialists provides several options for non-surgical vein treatments. After a diagnostic vascular ultrasound, the team diagnoses you and discusses your options for treatment. 

Alongside healthy lifestyle changes, like getting more exercise and adjusting your diet, they might recommend one of the following non-surgical treatments:

Venous ablation

Venous ablation is a procedure that uses thermal energy to constrict and close varicose veins. During the procedure, the team accesses your vein using a needle and catheter with a wire. Once in place, either laser or radiofrequency energy is delivered through the wire to heat the inside of the vein, causing it to close.

VenaSeal® glue

VenaSeal® is a biocompatible adhesive glue that can help close a varicose vein. During the procedure, the team at Vascular Specialists uses a catheter to access the vein in question. They inject the glue, causing your vein to close and your blood flow to reroute. 

After venous ablation, you may need to wear compression stockings for some time to make sure the vein remains closed. This is not necessary with VenaSeal. 

Am I a candidate for non-surgical vein treatments?

The team assesses you thoroughly and may perform one or more ultrasound imaging tests to make sure you’re a good candidate for non-surgical vein treatments. To be a candidate, you should have a diagnosis of venous insufficiency, a condition that causes your blood to pool in your legs because of faulty valves in your veins. 

Before you receive a treatment, the team might encourage you to make lifestyle modifications like adopting a healthy diet, quitting smoking, and exercising regularly. They might recommend either VenaSeal or ablation to you if you:

  • Have no success with home care
  • Experience pain or cramping
  • Have prominent varicose veins
  • Get blood clots easily
  • Develop venous ulcers

Your provider tells you exactly how to prepare for your non-surgical vein procedure and what to expect during the recovery.

To explore non-surgical vein treatments for your venous insufficiency, call Vascular Specialists or book an appointment online today.