Hero Graft


What is a HeRO Graft?

A HeRo (Hemodialysis Reliable Outflow) Graft is a fully intravenous permanent access for individuals with end-stage renal disease who are:

  • dependent on dialysis
  • have previously had a fistula that failed
  • have a blockage or clot within the blood vessel preventing a fistula or graft

HeRO provides continuous blood flow directly from an artery to the central venous system. The HeRO Graft is entirely subcutaneous, under the skin. It consists of two components – the arterial graft and venous outflow.  Your Vascular Specialists surgeon will implant the graft by inserting it through the arm, one end is attached to an artery and the other connects to the outflow component. Once implanted, blood will begin to flow between the two. HeRO has been clinically proven to reduce infection by 69% compared to catheters and is ideal for those who have exhausted all other options.

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