Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a life-threatening condition. A DVT is a blood clot that forms in your deep veins, usually your thigh or calf but not uncommon in your arm.

About 50% of people do not experience symptoms of DVT and won’t be aware of this condition until they have a medical crisis. You may experience:

  • Swelling in your foot, ankle or leg or arm or hand, on one side of your body
  • Cramping pain in calf, neck or shoulder
  • Skin that feels warm to the touch
  • Skin that goes pale, reddish or bluish in color
  • Severe, unexplained pain in foot, ankle, hand or arm
  • Weakness in the hand


When your physician suspects you have DVT, you’ll need an immediate screening and treatment.

Formerly, DVT was treated with thrombolytic drugs which increase your risk of bleeding, or multiple procedures which require an ICU stay.

Vascular Specialists now offers a groundbreaking, superior treatment for DVT, ClotTriever®.

ClotTriever® is an entirely new thrombectomy system, a mechanical device that removes significant firm-to-hard clots from large veins in your legs and arms in a single procedure, without thrombolytic drugs or an ICU stay.

ClotTriever® procedure is minimally invasive, requiring just a small incision into the affected vein below the clot.

You will benefit from:

  • no need for thrombolytic drugs
  • no ICU stay
  • immediate symptom improvement
  • single session treatment
  • minimal blood loss
  • minimal risk of bleeding


Nearly every patient with 6-16 mm vessels is a perfect candidate for ClotTriever®, including those with:

  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • obesity
  • peripheral artery disease
  • heart disease

How ClotTriever® Works:

    • A guide wire is inserted into the vein and advanced through the clot.
    • The ClotTriever® Sheath is inserted over the guide wire and positioned below the clot.
    • A nitinol mesh funnel expands to maximize clot removal.
    • The ClotTriever® Catheter is advanced through the Sheath past the clot.
    • The nitinol coring element and braided collection bag expand, filling the vein from wall to wall.
    • The catheter and coring element are pulled back, fully opening the bag and collecting the clot.


  • The clot filled bag and coring element are further pulled back into the mesh funnel where the bag collapses and elongates for removal.
  • The catheter is withdrawn, removing the clot from the body.
  • Any remaining clot in the sheath is removed via aspiration and deposited into a clot reservoir.
  • The ClotTriever® device is removed and your incision is closed.

ClotTriever® was approved by the FDA in 2018. Over 6,000 procedures have been successfully completed in the United State. ClotTriever® is an Inari Medical thrombectomy system.

Vascular Specialists is pleased to offer this DVT treatment option to our patients.

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