Why You Should Choose A Vascular/Endovascular Surgeon


When your health challenge stems from vein or arterial disease or illness, seeing a board-certified, fellowship trained vascular surgeon is the very best choice you can make for your continued health.

Vascular surgeons go beyond required surgical training and gain significant experience and knowledge by treating all types of vascular disease, including advanced diagnostic training, medical and drug interventions, and specific, technically challenging reconstructive and reparative vascular and endovascular surgical techniques.

Dr. Tanquilut and Dr. Coffey provide university-level care. They have unique skills to combine clinical evaluations and diagnostic tests to diagnose and treat vascular disease. Our surgeons have a deeper understanding and knowledge of drug therapy and risk factor management as it relates particularly to your vascular health. They have learned advanced surgical techniques to treat vascular conditions and diseases, far beyond a general surgeon’s experience.

Our surgeons are the only highly specialized, trained vascular/endovascular surgeons in the Southwest Chicagoland area that have been trained to treat vascular disease either with minimally invasive techniques or advanced open surgical modalities. Dr. Tanquilut and Dr. Coffey help you and your family make better decisions about treatment options because they have more intense education and expertise with the latest evidence-based techniques for vascular health.

With Dr. Tanquilut and Dr. Coffey, your pre- and post-op care is distinctly focused on your vascular health, making for fewer complications and a quicker recovery.

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