Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment In Tinley Park


Blockages in legs can be repaired with minimally invasive techniques that restore blood flow using balloons, stents, or shaving plaque from vessel walls. Various factors that will determine the best course of treatment will be discussed with you.

BEFORE Atherectomy video – Shown here is a superficial femoral artery (SFA) at 100% occulsion (blockage). The SFA does not even appear in the imaging (it should be to the right of the vessel that is showing up). Click to begin – SFA:PTA before

AFTER Atherectomy video – Shown here is the imaging after Dr. Tanquilut has performed a laser atherectomy, with the superficial femoral artery now showing 0% stenosis (blockage cleared). See the vessel that now appears on the right hand side of the image. Click to begin – SFA:PTA after

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