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Vascular Specialists now provides a groundbreaking treatment for DVT

If you’ve been on bed rest, had surgery or been sitting in a car or on an airplane for hours, you may be at risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT is a blood clot that forms in your deep veins, usually your thigh or calf but not uncommon in your arm. DVT can be life-threatening, as clots can break loose, travel through your veins and lodge in your lungs, blocking blood flow. 

Over 50% of people do not experience symptoms of DVT and aren’t aware of it until they experience a pulmonary embolism. When you develop a DVT, you may experience:

Other risk factors for DVT include:

When you suspect you have a DVT, or if you have any risk factors, you’ll need immediate screening. If a DVT is found, treatment should started as soon as possible. 

For decades, DVT has been treated with thrombolytic drugs, but this method increase your risk of bleeding. Alternative procedures have typically required an ICU stay.

Now, Vascular Specialists now offers a groundbreaking, superior treatment for DVT, ClotTriever®.

ClotTriever® is an entirely new thrombectomy system which uses a mechanical device to remove large firm-to-hard clots from 6-16mm veins in your legs and arms. It is completed in just a single procedure and there is no need for thrombolytic drugs or an ICU stay.

ClotTriever® procedure is minimally invasive, requiring just a small incision into the affected vein below the clot.

When you experience a DVT and your Vascular Specialists surgeon performs a ClotTriever procedure, you will benefit from:

Nearly every patient is a perfect candidate for ClotTriever®, even if you have chronic health conditions such as:

The ClotTriever® procedure is simple and works like this: 

Vascular Specialists is the only vascular practice with fellowship-trained, board-certified vascular and endovascular surgeons in the Chicago Southland, and the very first to provide patients with this FDA-approved ClotTriever procedure. This procedure is an astounding improvement over previous treatments and over 6,000 procedures have been successfully completed in the United State. 

When you or your physician suspects you have DVT, call us at 815-824-4406 to ask about the ClotTriever procedure. Your Vascular Specialists surgeon is happy to answer all of your questions to keep you healthy and well. 

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