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Vascular Specialists Is Now Making Dialysis Consultation Easier And Faster!

When kidney disease progresses to the point of making dialysis necessary, it’s a life-changing, distressing time. We know you will have many questions about the time commitment, dialysis center options and your overall health prognosis. You’ll also need to make an appointment to discuss dialysis access creation as soon as possible.

Here at Vascular Specialists, we know the sooner you can get all the information about access creation, the sooner you can get started – and the faster the access will mature, allowing you to start dialysis with confidence. 

Vascular Specialists’ staff is now certified to consult with you at Dialysis Care Centers in Olympia Fields, Hazel Crest, Beverly in Chicago, Oak Lawn and Evergreen Park. 

We can meet you at your neighborhood Dialysis Care Center for your appointment, or you can visit our Tinley Park office – whichever is more convenient for you. Your Vascular Specialists provider will gather your full health history and perform a complete physical to determine which access is best for your lifestyle. We may recommend you schedule an appointment for a vein mapping, an painless, non-invasive ultrasound to get a very clear understanding of the size of your veins. 

To schedule your access creation consultation at your Dialysis Care Center, please ask your Center to send us a referral for consultation. As soon as insurance is verified, we’ll call you directly to schedule the appointment at the Center. You will have to be able to fill out new patient paperwork, agree to meeting your vascular surgeon on the day of your access creation procedure and agree to a semi-private or common area for your health history and physical exam discussion. 

If you are not able to fill out paperwork and need assistance from a family member or caregiver, we will request you make your consultation appointment at Vascular Specialists offices in Tinley Park. If you require a vein mapping at our offices, we can also arrange for you to meet the vascular surgeon who will be creating your access. If you are only comfortable in a private room to discuss your health history and physical examination, your consultation is best scheduled at our offices. 

At Vascular Specialists, we are proud to be a resource for as much information as you need to make good decisions about your health! Click here to learn about your options for access creation: fistulas, grafts and the Ellipsys system. Vascular Specialists is the leading Chicagoland provider in of the non-surgical, FDA-approved Ellipsys System, which you can discover in detail by clicking here.

As always, when you have questions you can CALL OUR OFFICE AT (815) 824-4406 OR CONNECT WITH US ON FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM. Together, with all the information we can provide, we will make the best decisions for your health and quality of life. 

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