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The Ellipsys™ System: How It Can Save You Time

The Ellipsys™ System: How It Can Save You Time

Dialysis filters your blood and performs the duties of your kidneys if they aren’t working quite right. But before you can receive the life-saving benefits of dialysis, you first need dialysis access, a minor procedure that prepares your vein for increased blood flow. After dialysis access, it can take a few months before your vein is ready for a dialysis treatment.

At Vascular Specialists, the surgeons and medical staff in our Vein Care Institute offer the Ellipsys™ Vascular Access System. It can save you time when it comes to getting started with dialysis. Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Ellipsys Vascular Access System?

A fistula is a type of dialysis access in which a vein and an artery are joined together. According to the National Kidney Foundation, fistulas are often the preferred choice for dialysis access because they typically have fewer complications, such as clotting and infections.

The Ellipsys System procedure creates a fistula in preparation for hemodialysis. The procedure relies on a special Ellipsys catheter and low-power thermal energy to fuse the two blood vessels together. This is done without any sutures or plastic tubing. 

This nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedure can create a fistula in approximately 17 minutes. This is in contrast to a traditional fistula procedure, which can last one to two hours and require an incision that’s 2-4 inches long. 

The entire Ellipsys procedure requires only a local anesthetic, and when you leave, there’s no incision wound. You have no bumps, scars, or lumps, and a simple bandage on your arm is the only sign you’ve had a procedure.

How does it save time?

Our team utilizes this system for two reasons: The procedure itself is quicker, and patients can use the dialysis access sooner. With the Ellipsys Vascular Access System, your permanent fistula can be utilized for hemodialysis within weeks rather than months. This benefit is sometimes described as a faster access maturation.

In other words, the Ellipsys Vascular Access System saves you precious time by enabling you to start life-saving dialysis treatments sooner. This is especially vital for patients going into kidney failure.

Taking care of your dialysis access site

It’s important to take care of your dialysis access site, regardless of what type of access you have. Here are a few reminders about how to keep your access healthy:

If you notice any bleeding, redness, swelling, or tingling in your hand, call our vascular surgery practice immediately. 

To learn more about the Ellipsys Vascular Access System and how it can save you time, contact Vascular Specialists in Tinley Park or Evergreen Park, Illinois. You can request an appointment online or by calling 815-824-4406.

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