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Start Laser Hair Reduction Now and Be Beach-Ready by Summer

Start Laser Hair Reduction Now and Be Beach-Ready by Summer

Winter in Chicagoland is cold and snowy, and you may not be thinking of baring your legs anytime soon. But if you’re already dreaming of hitting the Lake Michigan shoreline in June, the team at VCI Med Spa can help you get ready for sunny beach days with laser hair reduction 一 and now is the perfect time get started.

Visit our med spa, located inside of our Tinley Park, Illinois, vascular surgery practice, and get started on your summer body today. 

The 411 on laser hair reduction

Using lasers to remove unwanted hair does what shaving and waxing can’t do: It prevents future hair growth. That’s because shaving removes the hair at the surface of your skin and doesn’t even touch the follicle. Waxing and tweezing do remove the root, but the hair still grows back.

Laser hair reduction harnesses the power of light energy to stop future hair growth. During your session, laser light energy is directed onto your hair follicles. Your hair 一 specifically the pigment in your hair 一 absorbs the light energy. Light energy generates heat which then disrupts your hair’s growth cycle. The laser doesn’t hurt your skin, though. 

Your beach-ready body starts now

Your hair grows and rests in cycles, and laser hair reduction is only effective while your hair follicle is in the anagen stage, also known as the growth stage in the cycle. Hair on your legs and arms stays in this growth phase for about 30-45 days. 

Not all hairs grow on the same cycle at the same time. In order to make sure that we treat each hair during its anagen cycle, we recommend several laser hair reduction sessions a few weeks apart. Because you’ll need a few sessions over the course of a few months, it’s important to start your sessions now so you’re ready for the beach by summer.

Benefits of laser hair reduction

Not only does laser hair reduction free you from daily shaving, but it also has a number of other perks.  

And perhaps one of the biggest benefits of laser hair reduction is that it boosts your self-confidence at the beach!

Preparing for your appointment

Are you ready to treat yourself to laser hair reduction? Here are a few tips to ensure your sessions go as smoothly as possible:

Also, be sure to share a list of medications you take with your VCI Med Spa provider prior to your appointment.

Your beach-ready body is just a call or click away. Call us at 815-799-4455, or use our online form to schedule your free laser hair reduction consultation today.

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